If you are living in the United States then a mail order pharmacy from Canada might be a good solution for a couple of reasons. Unfortunately there are many non reliable mail order pharmacies from Canada as well. So we are also recommending the Mail order pharmacy Canada which we personally use for more than 6 years now with satisfaction below…

Mail Order Pharmacy
Mail Order Pharmacy

Why to use a Canada mail order pharmacy?

There are a couple of reasons why you should use a Canadian mail order pharmacy.

1. The price – Prices of drugs in the USA are the higest in the world. Canada has much cheaper drug prices, so you can take advantage of this by ordering drugs from canada.

2. Quality – of course in an open world you can order drugs from anywhere. However quality of drugs from india, Russia, mexico is very dubious!!! So you are smart to take care about your health an order drugs from reliable online pharmacies only, like Pharmacy XL / XLpharmacy for example.

3. Service – as you want a good price, good quality medications you don’t want to have bad service. With a Canadian pharmacy you are sure to be treated according to western standards!

Why NOT to use a Canada mail order pharmacy?

If you need drugs overnight or on the same day, then a mail order pharmacy is not for you. In this kind of emergency circumstances the only solution is your local doctor or your local pharmacist. HOWEVER…

We always recommend you to have a healthy stock of the medicines you usually take. Especially with the low prices at this Canadian Pharmacy there is no reason not to have an healthy stock of your antibiotics, sexual health drugs, anxiety drugs etc… It will save you a lot of money!!!

Normally medications will arrive within a week if you use our recommended Canada Pharmacy. And they have free shipping on all orders so you don’t pay for high shipping prices.

For which medicines can I use a Canadian Mail order Pharmacy?

Well depending on the pharmacy, practically for all your medicines. There is no reason in Canada they wouldn’t sell a medicine, while in the USA or Australia they would!

Sometimes only the brand-name could be different as pharmaceutical companies also do in “branding” and use sometimes different brand names for different markets. However 90% of the brand-names in the USA are the same in Canada, so no worries here.

TIP! If you have problems with finding your drugs online, try to look on the active ingredient! For example Viagra has its active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate.

The Mail order Pharmacy which we recommended above has over 500+ different kind of drugs and prescription drugs in stock… So there is a big chance you will find your preferred medications there as well!